Zongora Piano Courses

Gödöllö, Hungary, August 2020, (exact dates tbc) 

A week’s piano course with international concert pianists Evgenia Startseva and Yuri Paterson-Olenich for advanced amateur pianists and semi-professionals.

Zongora Piano Week aims to develop all aspects of the adult pianist’s piano skills and confidence in a convivial, supportive atmosphere.

Lessons, workshops, solo and ensemble playing will take place in the historic town of Gödöllő (home of the baroque Royal Palace). Organised cultural outings in the fascinating area north of Budapest are also an important part of Zongora Week.

International concert pianists Yuri Paterson-Olenich and Evgenia Startseva will hold interactive open sessions during the week where the participants will have their own lessons and listen to each other. These groups will be up to seven people. You can find out more about Evgenia and Yuri at www.evgeniastartseva.com and www.paterson-olenich.com

The lessons will be held in Gödöllö Music School. On the first day Evgenia and Yuri will give a recital for all the participants and general public. (You will also be able to practise in the School on that day)

Then for five days you will have lessons and workshops in the morning and practice time after lunch. On most days group visits to a place of interest in Gödöllö and surroundings will be organised. Those will be followed by supper in a good restaurant with the chance to try excellent Hungarian cuisine. A couple of afternoons will be left free, when you will have an opportunity to visit Budapest. The last day of the course will end with a participants’ concert, with a maximum of 14 players. Non-playing partners or friends are very welcome to join in all the other activities and can also have access to some workshops as observers.

For more information about prices and accommodation please contact Margaret Grimsdell, zongoraweek@gmail.com, +44 7786 304 570

webpage: zongora.weebly.com